Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Vintage Halloween Photos

 More photos from Halloween's past. The one above is from 1962. Not sure if it's Ben Cooper or Collegetown.

 This one's a weird one, and I'm not sure from what year. Not even positive it's Halloween--but if the kid on the left's not dressed like Charlie McCarthy then it's even weirder...

 Cute girl kissing E.T...Clearly from the 80's, the greatest decade of all time.

Raggedy Andy and some other costumed kids. 1950's or 60's, no doubt.

More to come!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

July Means Halloween's less than four months away...

First comes this cool Ben "The King of Halloween Masks" Cooper costume from 1982. Now I was much more of a Bruce Lee fan than Chuck Norris, but he was still pretty cool.

Then we have a cool tchotchke from, I would guess, the 80's. Not sure, but I do enjoy these things and have quite a few. If I had a bigger house I'd have even more...

Ceramic Witch
Lastly here's something you might think Beistle had made, but it's actually the Eureka Company. I don't know much about them--they were never as prominent as Beistle, but they still did some cool stuff.

It's a die-cut cardboard haunted house.

See you soon!