Friday, September 22, 2017


This is a pretty cool way to make a jack o'lantern candy bowl for ice cream or other goodies. Gonna pass this on to the wife:

And these are some pretty cool windshield wiper decorations that are macabre enough for Halloween all throughout the year.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Halloween Candles and Pillows and Other Awesome Stuff

This is really more of a note to myself to go buy some of this cool stuff. That headless horseman potholder's pretty cool, but I'd rather have it on a pillowcase or something.

But they have some really cool candles like this one:
I mean, how sweet is that? Burns for like 110 hours and smells like pumpkin.

They have others, ones that look like ghosts that smell like baked apple pie, and more! (I think one smells like candy corn, and I can tell you that I like the smell of candy corn better than the taste...)

Check it out--I'm going to get me some of these before Halloween, so I have to order soon! (it takes 21 days to get the items because they're all handmade)