Monday, August 28, 2017

Shasta Ad & Looking For Haunted Houses This Halloween Season?

Then this web site can help you out:

And how about Shasta soda? Remember it?

I remember that jingle--this one:

That song I remember. Is that Deborah Foreman there though?

But here's a vintage Halloween sign--I don't have an exact date, but probably 80's.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Big Lot Decorations & Ben Cooper Star Wars Wicket & Tatoo Bubble Gum

 A lot of stores are getting their Halloween decorations out already. Saw some at Lowe's a couple of days ago, and was in Big Lot today and saw they had a lot of Animated Decorations(above) and then this pretty cool big scarecrow. I think he did something but I didn't test it.

Then there's the great Ben Cooper, and a mask you don't see too often(and heck, I never saw it back in the day either)...the Ewok Wicket!

Lastly, I think I remember this gum or something like it. But what's it got to do with Halloween? Check out the Tattoo of a witch inside!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Cool Halloween Art

Thought I'd just showcase a few of the cool images I stumbled on around the internet.

At one point I was going to do an artist's spotlight in my book on Halloween showcasing a few of the artists I liked. Out of the three I contacted, only one got back to me and was acting VERY weird about the whole thing.

I'm thinking...who doesn't like free publicity?

Anyway, here you go! And Halloween is just around the corner...