Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Safety 1977 & 1985 / 31 Years of Halloween Commercials / Sexy Vintage Pics

Big apologies for my complete failure to keep this updated--this has been the busiest Halloween I've ever experienced in terms of movie and freelance work, so I've just had no time.

But here's a very cool safety video from 1977--look, kids trick or treating at NIGHT! Crazy. (I get a little cranky at kids who trick or treat at 5:30pm...some of us eat dinner, ya know? :) )

And here's one from 1985. I'd like to put all these safety videos together in one video and color correct them. Mebbe I'll do that someday...

This one's also a reminder to me because I want to watch them all tonight--31 years of awesome Halloween commercials!

And here's some cool Betty Grable(or possibly Anne Nagle?) Halloween publicity photos from way back that maybe you haven't seen.

Anyway, gotta go hand out candy to trick or treaters, and then head out to a party.

(Never enough days!)

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