Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sample Pages From The Book

Amazon's preview pages of my book are currently in black and white. They say they'll show up in color soon, but until then check out some pages I put up to show you how it looks:


It's hard to get an idea of the book because there's so much in it. I showed it to a lot of people at the Monstermania convention this past weekend, and almost every one was simply surprised at how much STUFF was in it.

I went to that length not just because of my interest, but I've bought a few self-published books about Halloween on Amazon, and been pretty disappointed with how little was in them. Giant font for their text with very few pics. They seem like money grabs.

Not mine. I crammed as much stuff in there as possible, and used as much space on the page as Amazon would let me.

I'm pretty proud of the book. I think you can tell how much (A) time and (B) effort went into it. And just in case you can't, it was (A) 14-16 months and (B) A butt-load.

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