Friday, October 2, 2015

October! Halloween Month Starts! (Pumpkin Projection)

So it begins! It seems like Halloween never lasts long enough. Never enough time to watch all the cool movies, read the cool books, and just enjoy the atmosphere.

Speaking of atmosphere, check out this cool new thing--digital projection onto pumpkins so it looks like they're singing. Not sure when it started, but I've never seen it before.

You can get this stuff from Atmos FX, and if I don't control myself I'd spend a fortune there.

This is a Youtube tutorial on actually creating projections yourself using a program called Gordo:

Lastly on the pumpkin projection front is this video--I can't embed it, but it's probably the best one I've seen. It's on Facebook:

And hey, since the other Spirit store Halloween coupon expired, better print this one out and head there fast! You've only got until the 4th...
And don't forget, you can get my book at this link! Full of rare photos, weird facts, and as much of my Halloween obsession as I could fit in one book!

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