Saturday, October 8, 2016

Ben Cooper Clown Masks and Costumes/ Old Devil Mask / Wheaties & Kellogg's Cereal Masks

I have a section in the book no costumes, from my personal childhood favorite Ben Coopers to Topstone and more.

Here's a Ben Cooper Clown costume mask from the 1960's. The costume accompanying it claims to be a Hobo costume so I'm not sure if this is a mismatched pair or whether they were sort of interchangeable back then. I'm guessing mismatch.

This is a creepy devil mask from the 50's or 60's. No idea of brand though.

Lastly is this couple of masks from Wheaties and Kellogg's in the fifties. They did a lot of these on the backs of their boxes so kids could cut them out and wear them. Here's just two of them.

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