Sunday, October 16, 2016

Nightmare Costumes / Funny News Article About Halloween / Tylenol Scare / 1963 McDonald's Cup

First off, here's a place you can get some cool costumes, and they're running a big sale now. Not only on sale, but there's a coupon code you can use for additional percentages off.

Then we have this funny news article about "Chubby Americans", circa 2006:
Then we have this interesting article from 1983, the year after the Tylenol poisonings crippled the Halloween industry(and, as I detail in my book, brought about the end of the Ben Cooper costume company), this article came out about how the industry was trying to recuperate.
Finally we have this very cool 1963 McDonald's Halloween cup. Little before my time, but I definitely would have wanted one as a kid...

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