Monday, October 10, 2016

Vintage Halloween Pics From Yesteryear...

Here we go, some more pics from Halloweens past!

 First we go into the WAY BACK machine to a photo from 1910! A Halloween party! And over 100 years ago!

Then there's this little girl in the 1930's. No idea why she's looking at a flower bush, but maybe they didn't have TV back then...this was their entertainment. :)

 Here's a little skeleton kid from the 1950's. Mask on, mask off!

 From 1968 is this creepy couple who you might think is a little old to be putting on Halloween costumes, but if you think that then you're not really into Halloween, are you? NO ONE'S too old to put on Halloween costumes.

 Here's a couple from the 1970's. I'm guessing, from her expression, that her boyfriend is pretty drunk and making an ass of himself.

And here's a 1984 selection of kids dressed up in costume(probably for school). Most of these look homemade.

Lastly are these two cute girls from an unknown time. 60's maybe? Don't know, but they're definitely outside way too early to be trick or treating...

More to come! Halloween's barrelling at us so fast!

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